Doctor Zhuang’s Biography
Dr. Philip Zhi-Jiar Zhuang is one of California's premiere psychiatrists ,  specializing in issues  of depression, anxiety, panic disorder, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorder, dementia, substance abuse, sex addition, family & marital counseling, gay lesbian & trans-gender issues, patients with HIV+,  refugee issues, new immigrants issues, as well as issues within the Asian American community.
Dr. Zhuang was trained at the prestigious  Mount Sinai School of Medicine,  Cabrini Medical Center in New York City.  He is a board certified psychiatrist in both the State of New York and the State of California and has worked passionately on social problems within the Asian American Community.  Dr. Zhuang is fluent in English, Mandarin, Shanghai-nese, Taiwanese, and conversational Cantonese.  For more information on Dr. Zhuang's medical background, click on the following link: resume.pdf.
Medical Doctor  +  Board Certified Psychiatrist